Lynne Russell, as popular evening anchor of CNN Headline News, was the first woman to become the regular, solo anchor of a daily evening prime time newscast on a television network. During her decade and a half with CNN, she has developed a cult following of men and women who admire her authoritative, objective delivery and her non-conformist on-air personality and demeanor. She loves telling them about their world, and it shows.

Yet Lynne's world is more than meets the eye. For years she has successfully balanced her journalism career and motherhood with her other "occupations": deputy sheriff in Fulton County (Atlanta) Georgia as a jail officer, and licensed private investigator. She holds two black belts in the martial art Choi Kwang Do, and is a certified open water SCUBA diver.

All of this prompted her to write her inspirational first book, How to Win Friends, Kick Ass and Influence People (Dec. 1999, St. Martin's Press). She explores the liberating concepts of each of us appreciating and utilizing our own abilities and talents, peaceful coexistence with the opposite gender, and the celebration of "la difference!" Actor/comedian Richard Belzer says, "If Xena, warrior princess could tell her story, this would be her book." The New York Times review quipped she's "a news anchor with the personality of a professional wrestler."

Before CNN, Lynne Russell reported and anchored at television and radio stations from Florida to Hawaii. She was the first recipient of the Russell P. Jandoli "Excellence in Journalism Award" presented by St. Bonaventure University. She majored in nursing at the University of Colorado.

She has taken a break from the daily news business to write her second book and launch her new company, Benevento Lampshades.

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